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Image by Georgie Cobbs


Projects: Projects

Articulate Replay and Peek 360

Peek 360 was used to:

    •    Record my computer screen as a screen cast video clip.

Articulate Replay was used to:

    •    Edit the clip to cut, delete, split, and silence part of the video.

    •    Insert at least two images, two Lower Third, to the video clips.

    •    Mix these tracks together with at least two framework of layout of A and B tracks as primary or secondary. 

    •    Publish this edited video with the above features as a video file to your hard drive.

Articulate Rise

Using Rise, I created a mini course about the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar. The course includes 4 lessons, of which, one that is a quiz lesson.

Articulate Storyline

Storyline was used to create a presentation that includes usage of text, visuals, animations, and transitions. It also includes use of Storyline's quiz slide, video slide, and a slide that was created using a blank slide.


Camtasia was used to complete a screen cast using a YouTube video. The following features were included in the final product.

    •    To crop, to trim, to cut, to delete, to split part of the video as necessary.

    •    Add the cursor effects to clip, add the title over the clip, insert title at the beginning and the end of clip, add the transition to the clip. 

    •    Mix these tracks together and share this edited video with the above features as a mp4 video file to your hard drive.

Job Aid

This is an example of an cookbook-style job aid that shows a step-by-step list where order of steps is important.

Instructional Intervention

Example of an infographic that was created as an instructional intervention.

Performance Intervention

This is an example of a process map. A process map shows the steps of a work activity and the people who are involved in carrying out each step.


Honest Ally Food International (HAFI), (an International Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), determined an organizational need for additional workplace training beyond what is currently in place. There was an expressed need for educating the local diverse communities, training newly employed aid workers, and providing professional development for existing employees and volunteers. HAFI also expressed the need for ensuring consistency of practices among organizations belonging to the consortium. Here is an example of the proposal that was presented.


This is an example proposal for a company who would like to get a large influx of new coaches trained. After carefully considering information gathered from a learner analysis, the attached proposal was presented.

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